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Surface preparation is the most important part to any flooring installation

  1. Grinding

    We use grinding if your concrete surface is uneven or exhibits surface imperfections. At S2S North Houston, we use only the best surface preparation equipment providing our customers with unparcelled quality. Our grinding equipment carefully and steadily removes the damaged surface layer to reveal the undamaged and clean inner layer of concrete. This layer is strong, relatively porous, and tends to accept finishing systems like concrete coatings or polish more easily.

    Grinding is also the first step of polishing because it ensures the floor is completely even.

  2. Shot Blasting

    Shot blasting is another way to remove the surface material on the concrete floor. It’s faster and more efficient than grinding. Shot blasting creates a completely smooth and even surface which is ready for any kind of finishing treatment.

    During the shot blasting process, we shoot small steel shot against the floor at high velocity. This aggressive method of surface preparation is not only efficient, but it is also dust-free.

  3. Glue Removal

    Old concrete floors often have residual glue left over from the removal of glue down carpets or vinyl floors. This residual material must be removed before any treatment can be applied to the surface. Unfortunately, old glue can be tough to remove because it bonds well to the surface. Our technicians will examine the surface carefully and determine the best way to remove the glue. In most cases, we need to grind or shot blast the surface to completely remove the contaminated surface layer. However, we may be able to employ a non-mechanical chemical process glue removal solution to remove the residue.

  4. Crack Repair/Epoxy Injection

    Concrete surfaces can develop cracks over time. This can be because of the movement of concrete due to temperature changes or due to load from heavy objects. Depending on the application, we may be able to repair the cracks saving you thousands in costs to rectify the situation.


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