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Color Flake Epoxy Floors

Our exclusive S2S Global epoxy systems are not only beautiful and unique but are the most durable solution on the market.

Metalloid Epoxy

Our S2S Global 3-D Dynamic Flow Metalloid Epoxy is a stylish, metallic floor coating designed to bring a seamless showroom finish to any concrete floor. With an amazing metallic three-dimensional look, it gives ordinary floors color and depth. The system’s durability and designer finish make it ideal for residential use, schools, universities, retail businesses, showroom floors, office spaces, sports arenas, museums and so much more.

Color Flake System

With our Standard S2S Global Micro-Blend Flake System, you can transform the look of ordinary concrete surfaces with our beautiful, yet practical Color Flake System application. The S2S Global Color Flake system is often used to renovate commercial parking garages, hospital floors, warehouse floors, residential garage floors, basements, recreation rooms, fitness rooms and so much more.

This system is for use in commercial and residential applications, and available in two high-performance formulations that have been time tested to withstand steady foot traffic and resistance to many chemicals. The epoxy formulation is an industrial duty concrete sealer that provides superior results and easy clean up while the Polyaspartic is a rapid curing coating that provides color stability, maximum gloss retention and beauty with a next-day return-to-service!

S2S Global’s Micro-Blend Standard color flake sizes are 1/4″ and 1/16″, and custom Blend colors and sizes are available upon request. With hundreds of solid and pre-blended flake colors available, the possibilities are endless!

Color-Quartz System

Our Color-Quartz System is a slip-resistant flooring solution that is known for its durability and natural granite stone-like appearance.

Quartz is perfect for areas where safety may be a concern and is available in two chemical-resistant formulations that have been time-tested to withstand steady foot traffic. Our exclusive S2S Global rapid curing epoxy base coat is topped with our High-Performance Polyaspartic formulation provide superior results and offer easy clean up. Apply the Quartz System to a variety of residential and commercial applications including showrooms, warehouses, walkways, pool decks, bathrooms, garages and more.

Tuff-Grit Flooring System

Our Exclusive Tuff-Grit Flooring System is a single colored slip-resistant flooring solution that known for its durability and slip resistance.

Tuff-Grit is available in many solid colors and is perfect for areas where slip safety and coefficient of friction may be a concern and is available in two chemical-resistant and heat resistant formulations that have been time-tested to withstand steady foot traffic. Apply the Tuff-Grit System to a variety of residential and commercial applications including commercial garages, industrial kitchens, warehouses, walkways, horse barns, kennels, and more.

High-Performance Polyaspartic Urethane

With our High-Performance Polyaspartic Urethane you can create an original decorative floor with one color or mix and match to create your one-of-a kind masterpiece. With eleven colors to choose from and hundreds of installation variations, the decorative concrete possibilities are infinite!

Our S2S Global Polyaspartic High performance flooring System is a two-component flooring system offering quick return-to-service and excellent chemical resistance. Formulated with aliphatic chemistry, this High-Performance system is color stable allowing it to endure UV exposure without color shifts.

S2S Global’s Polyaspartic urethane can be applied to virtually all substrates, including, concrete, metals and fiberglass. It’s durable and rapid return-to -service properties make it an ideal floor coating system for warehouses, airplane hangars and laboratories as well as restaurant floors, hospital floors, and high-traffic entryways and lobby areas.


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